Moving can be challenging in any situation but transitioning from across the country or another state is often even more of a burden. You may be looking for a house in Festus, MO or Sunset Hills, MO, but you might not be sure of where to even start your search. You must conduct much of the process via email or over the phone and aren’t nearby to ensure that everything is moving along according to timelines once you’re under contract. An experienced real estate agent can make this task much more efficient and less stressful.

Hire an Agent to Help in the Relocation Process

From searching for St. Louis homes to signing the closing papers on your Mehlville, MO house, a real estate agent is your primary resource. They can help you locate a home that fits your needs in a good neighborhood. If you’re moving for work or to be close to elderly parents, an agent can help you find properties that are near your desired location. They know the neighborhoods which will be the best fit for your personality and budget. Do you prefer a quiet family-oriented subdivision or would you like to live near other young professionals with easy access to the nightlife?

Since you may be limited as to when you can visit the area, an agent can line up several tours over a weekend or a few days in Chesterfield or St. Charles. This allows you to make one trip to find your next home. Once you decide on a property, an agent can write up an offer and fax or email it to you to sign from your home.

The agent will then handle all the other tasks that come once your offer has been accepted and you’re under contract. They can schedule the inspections and go over the reports with you through email or by phone. They will stay on top of lenders, contractors and others involved in the process to ensure everything gets taken care of before your closing date. If you can’t be present on the closing date, an agent can get you the closing paperwork to sign from where you currently live. Once you finish up the details where you are, you are ready to come out to your new home and start moving in.

After Closing

Your agent will continue to help you with the relocation process. They can provide you with phone numbers and information about local utility services as well as other businesses that you may need as you move. Real estate agents collect names of all kinds of businesses, from general contractors to moving companies to make the relocation process easier for their clients.

Moving from far away to a property in Clayton or a St. Louis home doesn’t have to be stressful. You can meet this challenge head-on and discover the transition is simpler than you thought when you work with an experienced, knowledgeable real estate agent who has the tools and resources you need.

If you’re moving to the St. Louis area, contact Pashos Realty to help you find your dream home in the perfect location.

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